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John J. Prendergast, Ph.D.

 All of my offerings as a psychotherapist, writer and teacher, come from a devotion to Silence and to its creative expression. Our true nature expresses itself as an open listening that welcomes what is and invites a natural unfolding of life. Ultimately we discover that this open listening and that which is listened to - what we call our inner and outer worlds - are not separate. The apparent subject and object are undivided or nondual. Realizing this leaves us open to the mystery of life and in service to the whole.

John J. Prendergast Ph.D.“The love of truth, manifesting as the surrender to Silence and an active investigation into all of our cherished beliefs, gradually leads us to a greater authenticity. In time and without any conscious effort or intent we become like stained glass, more adequate forms for the transmission of light.”

     ~ John Prendergast


“The mind learns to bow down to the heart of Silence, relinquishing the illusion of control.”

               ~ John Prendergast

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